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Produced by MADDNYXX

Lyricist/Vocalist MADDNYXX

Album Eternal Blossom

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Composed By Una Stanojevic

Produced By Una Stanojevic

Mastering Engineer Jake Robertz

Mixing Engineer Jake Robertz

Lyrics & Vocals By Una Stanojevic

Phonographic Copyright ℗Una Stanojevic

Copyright ©Una Stanojevic

Release Date December 28, 2021

Artwork By Gemma Serreqi & Dahlia Burelli


There was something bad in his eyes 

Good in his lies 


and it wasn't long till he was gone  

he wanted that superficial love

Ride, for life 

Don't hit the break 

Till i felt the escape 

The thrills and highs 

Locked in your eyes 

And i will never be the same again 

And i never wanna come back 

True to me 

Ride, don't go

So on the occasion 

Ride, don't hit the break 

Till I felt the escape 

So tired of people 

Thinking they're doing what's best for me 

Without even trying to understand

Who I am 

Why I do 

What I do 

Why I like everything, so precise

True to me

It wasn't long till he was gone 

He wanted that superficial 

(but I)


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