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Dark Clouds


Producer, DJ, Vocalist


After 1 year of producing, MADDNYXX has announced the release of a 6 song collection.
The Montreal/Belgrade/Calgary artist
is dedicating her life to music.
Embracing the journey and showing us that there is peace to be found in following what you love;
rather than what society has programmed
us to care about.

A concept that she touches in this healing collection.
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Art by Dahlia Burelli 

It was created during one of the most challenging transitions of my life.
While I am pretty detached from desired outcome... I do believe that the vulnerability expressed will comfort some in their healing journey.

This collection is far from perfect, as it contains many of the first songs I ever made! I have so much to learn, but why let that stop my truest expression of self?

That said, I would not be releasing if it were not for the reactions & support I received from my esteemed mentors and beloved friends, thank you.

The biggest lesson?
Perfection is a myth, excellence is a goal.
I gain enlightenment by staying adaptable, embracing change & always striving for progress/evolution.

Creating art makes it very easy for me to quench my desire for Creation, Growth and Expansion.

I do not know what my next releases will sound like, but I do know that whilst I will be more selective of the songs I release, I will not limit myself in any way, genre, past experiences or expectations. 

Although it is daunting to hold on to songs for this long, it did not feel right to wait for "perfect music" and not release the
Eternal Blossom collection.



Born in Belgrade and raised in the vibrant cities of Las Vegas and Montreal, MADDNYXX's early exposure to the diverse musical landscape laid the foundation for her remarkable journey. With music ingrained in her reality from a young age, her mother's guidance led her through the immersive world of live performances, taking her backstage, onstage, and eventually into the recording studio. It was in these formative years that her fascination with electronic music took root.

Over the next two years, MADDNYXX became completely immersed in the music scene, attending countless shows and gaining a profound appreciation for the craft. In 2018, her journey took a pivotal turn as she joined the Vanier College DJ club, gaining access to top-notch equipment and a booth, which became a second home.
With unwavering determination, she quickly realized that mastering music production was the key to manifesting her creative visions.


Photo by Anne Vivier

MaddNyxx DJ Producer photo by Anne Vivier music

MADDNYXX's time at a music high school was a pivotal moment in her journey, where she discovered her passion for the cello and received a classical music education that profoundly influenced her artistic sound today.

The future of this artist lies in her unwavering drive for life itself, a pursuit of wisdom, co-creation, and boundless expansion. In her path, she acknowledges that the only limit that exists is the one she imposes upon herself.

Despite her passion for the legal field, MADDNYXX chose to let go the idea of law as a backup plan, embracing music as her sole path to success. Health considerations also played a part in her decision, as she needed to prioritize her well-being. With a plan A firmly in place, she took a leap of faith, supported by her father's blessing and trust in her abilities.

In a recent interview, MADDNYXX shared her inspiring journey from a multifaceted childhood immersed in music to her unwavering commitment to music production. Her story is a testament to the power of passion and self-belief in pursuing one's dreams.



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