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Dark Clouds


Producer, DJ, Vocalist


After 1 year of producing, MADDNYXX has announced the release of a 6 song collection.
The Calgary/Montreal/Belgrade artist
is dedicating her life to music.
Embracing the journey and showing us that there is peace to be found in following what you love;
rather than what society has programmed
us to care about.

A concept that she touches in this healing collection.
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Art by Dahlia Burelli 

It was created during one of the most challenging transitions of my life.
hile I am pretty detached from desired outcome... I do believe that the vulnerability expressed will comfort some in their healing journey.

This collection is far from perfect, as it contains many of the first songs I ever made! I have so much to learn, but why let that stop my truest expression of self?

That said, I would not be releasing if it were not for the reactions & support I received from my esteemed mentors and beloved friends, thank you.

The biggest lesson?
Perfection is a myth, excellence is a goal.
I gain enlightenment by staying adaptable, embracing change & always striving for progress/evolution.

Creating art makes it very easy for me to quench my desire for Creation, Growth and Expansion.

I do not know what my next releases will sound like, but I do know that whilst I will be more selective of the songs I release, I will not limit myself in any way, genre, past experiences or expectations. 

Although it is daunting to hold on to songs for this long, it did not feel right to wait for "perfect music" and not release the
Eternal Blossom collection.



Born in Belgrade, raised in Las Vegas & Montreal, MADDNYXX was blessed to experience many facets of the musical scene from an early age.
Music made up the majority of her reality (whether she liked it or not said she jokingly).

Her mother would bring her to shows,
back stage, on stage and eventually; the studio. Which 
quickly sparked her interest to the electronic side of music.

The artist once again became completely engulfed into an entirely new & different facet of the music industry; attending shows became her lifestyle for the successive 2 years.

After observing over 120 sets, she joined the
Vanier College DJ club in 2018. 
"We were blessed with a stunning booth & equipment."
Within a few months, she knew that to execute her visions, she would need to learn music production.
MADDNYXX taught herself, whilst maintaining honorable grades in a law program. Though in early 2019, she put that dream aside and stopped school. 

Photo by Anne Vivier

MaddNyxx DJ Producer photo by Anne Vivier music

MADDNYXX attended a music high school where she found her passion for Cello and received a classical music education, which deeply shaped her sound today.

The future of this artist lies in her unwavering drive for

life itself. A pursuit of wisdom, co creation & expansion.

The only limit, herself.

"I didn't want to split my energy in half. I wasn't able to see success without my undivided attention, pure commitment and TRUST in myself. 'Cause who else is gonna do that for me?

I loved everything about my school, but having law as a backup plan started feeling like I was telling myself that I could not succeed in music.
My health wasn't able to keep up either.
I needed to only have a plan A. 

After a semester of assessing & finishing the main program courses, I finally took the leap, with my father's blessing and trust which really helps."


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Let's create a sanctuary of healing and love!

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