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Produced by MADDNYXX

Collection/ Album Eternal Blossom

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What has the artist said about the song?

MaddNyxx: "I had shut down singing for many years and this is the first song I recorded after purchasing my microphone.

My music generally stems from a feeling,

an emotion, a vision. CHAINS comes from a feeling of freedom; after feeling dimmed by limiting social constructs.

It is extremely difficult to create a sense of home, a sense of self, if we let external circumstances dictate most aspects

of our lives. 

When you listen to CHAINS; just be as you are. And remember that you are free to decide what is, & is not meant for you.

Only YOU can break the chains that limit your authentic self."


Written By Una Stanojevic

Produced By Una Stanojevic

Mastering Engineer Jake Robertz

Mixing Engineer Jake Robertz

Recording Engineer Una Stanojevic

Phonographic Copyright ℗Una Stanojevic

Copyright ©Una Stanojevic

Release Date November 19, 2021

Artwork By Dahlia Burelli


I'm sorry I don't
Don't need you

Sorry I don't need you
You you, you
Won't stay another second
It all happened in a dream before
That's how I knew to run this time

Sorry I don't need you

No more chains around my words
I'm free
It all happened in a dream before
That's how I knew to run this time

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